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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  March 18, 2012 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is abc7 "washington weekly." >> this will be another crucial week in politics. >> sunday, there were charges
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traded, and a big win for the front-runner. mitt romney scored a convincing win over rick at the pr primaries. than 50% of the vote. arey the way, 20 delegates ours. >> mitt romney left the island on saturday. s off to illinois. illinois is crucial if mitt romney is going to stop the momentum for rick santorum. willingnessate your to vote on tuesday. i need your vote on tuesday. >> he continued to question rick santorum's economic credentials. >> i do not think we will replace an economic light weight another economic light weight.
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day, when i talk folks, i hear the same thing over and over again. i am praying for you. >> santorum challenged mitt a one-on-one debate. he has been turning down every single debate. he is hiding behind a billionaires' fronting his super pac. start with puerto rico. was that a big deal? 20 delegates? >> it was a big deal for two reasons. by giving more than 50% of the vote, he was guaranteed all the delegates. none for rick santorum. this is shaping up into a mathematical race for delegates. it is also significant that
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e has been the story line problemt romney has a hispanics, who will be a bloc.ting the gop has tried to make inroads. this helps them put that argument to rest. he can point to puerto rico and say, i won. >> he is still not seen as the candidate. people are still talking what are you thinking? rick santorum downplayed this of a brokered convention. newt gingrich has been a little assertive. that was the only way that mitt could lose the nomination this point. has the momentum, he has the organization, he has the edge.ial is almost halfway to the
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total.e he is -- he has more than twice the delegates of rick santorum. rick santorum could only hope could be a brokered convention. >> ok, the big thing next up is illinois. trailing mitt romney polls by four points. this message is resonating right now? >> rick santorum has tried to voters, notral chicago. rick santorum thinks there is a element of social conservatives, evangelical voters. this is one of those states tests mitt romney's organizational advantages.
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it is expensive. mitt romney has had the edge. yet rick santorum has been close in a lot of these states. >> tuesday is a big day for finances. a headline. >> the major thing we are going is loans tog for campaign. not necessarily mitt romney. $11.5expected to report a million raised in february. further will they be to go with their financial disadvantages to mitt romney? >> thank you. the supreme court a high-profile free speech case. stephen howard was arrested approaching dick cheney in iraqhis policies were disgusting. secret service charged him with claimedbecause they
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touched dick cheney briefly. >> federal reserve chairman ben bernanke will be teaching class washingtone university. four class is on e federal reserve. the classes are part of a course offered to undergraduates at the university school of business. the first class is tuesday afternoon. michelle obama will be on late night television. on the latea guest david letterman. the first lady will be there to discuss her initiatives for military families. is her first appearance. >> still to come, bernie accountant may finally learn his fate. >> are you getting all you pay cellphone plan? while some carriers unlimited be amended.t >> we have some fog that will the early-uring
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morning hours. are you ready
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>> a status hearing is scheduled the jury sandusky case. be held to prioritize filing deadlines. sandusky is facing 52 counts of sex abuse charges. >> bernie madoff's longtime sentenced said to be this friday. convicted on charges to the $50 billion ponzi
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scheme. to 108 years in prison. his sentencing has been delayed four times. he has always denied taking part in this game. he does admit to rubber-stamp in the financial information. >> this tuesday, at a ceremony queen's 68 on the throne. events are being held throughout to honor the queen. the royal family's newest member her first official speech. kate middleton will speak at the the children'sof hospice facility tomorrow. locals a look at what our on thiseams have going
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week. for apitals are fighting playoff spot. monday, they are in detroit. thursday, a philadelphia. they come back at home on friday. the wizards are in new jersey on wednesday and then head back home on thursday. saturday, they take on the hawks at the verizon center. d.c. united is back in action saturday. >> they are quite busy. >> we have a move that has up in arms. >> one of the nation's biggest is trying toviders limit their unlimited plan. says it is about fairness for all. it is sneaky. my work e-mail, personal life. than my computer. ishe uses it so much, at&t
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cracking down. >> there it was. you will beched -- limited. not a big fan. the nation's second largest provider slows down your phone. check out these speed tests. >> it is painful to look at. it is not what i want to deal with. gone over his limit. unlimited data plan. >> no limits. >> at 62,000 people have signed urging at&tetition change its ways. the contracts give it the right to limit the unlimited plants.
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>> steve is here with a beautiful seven-day forecast. >> when you wake up tomorrow morning, a bit of fog. you might want to plan accordingly. at the capitol expected to are change after the early-morning hours. the high temperature earlier in the day. sunshine help the storm to the upper 60's. we are 11 degrees above average time of year. we gained about 12 degrees in of two to three hours
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today. 60 in hagerstown. 56 degrees in leesburg. is beginning to settle down. dulles at 59. the same in fredericksburg. at these temperatures out the west of us. minneapolis, 71 degrees. satellite and radar, an area of just off the coast. we are watching right now storms move into west virginia. should be banished -- should begin to diminish over the next couple of hours.
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morgantown, lightning out to the west of you. our futurecast, the next 48. around forwill stick tomorrow morning. chance for showers late in the day left of d.c. fog could drop are busily -- down drop our visibility less.uarter of a mile or 70 to 75 for a daytime high tomorrow. will give way to partly sunny skies. our extendedk at outlook. temperatures will rebound nicely. 70's by thursday and friday. the upcoming weekend, it looks it is not going to be so sunny. be windy and wet.
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>> that is not good. >> the wind is going to blow at things around. >> we do not want to have that happen right now. of thel to come, many remain at a certain weight. be sabotaging [ male announcer ] for making cupcakes and deposits at the same time. for paying your friend back for lunch from your tablet. for 26 paydays triggered with a single tap. for checking your line, then checking your portfolio. for making atms and branches appear out of thin air. simple to use webs,es, tools, and apps. for making your finaial life a little bit easier.
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>> could a lack of sleep be connected to gaining weight? according to research, the get, the more you eat. alison starling reports. >> the ongoing battle for a full sleep plagued so many of us. >> i have given up on sleep for half a dozen years. i am miserable. says our specialist country's lack of sleep is a serious problem. >> 27% of people -- >> a study from the mayo clinic finding less sleep could be more pounds. >> i've been trying to and take might -- might intake of snacks after 8:00. those who got less sleep
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consumed 550 extra calories a day. >> that is a lot. our average diet should not be much than 1800. >> the sleep deprived group did burn any extra calories. consuming more calories, but not burning more, = gaining weight. the key to optimal help is to -- to get between seven and nine hours of sleep every night. >> you will perform better. you may save yourself from gaining weight. researchers admit this is small study in a hospital setting. they recommend a larger study allowing participants to sleep at their own homes. >> we will be righ


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